Saturday, November 28, 2015


Red themed interactive potluck.


Tea served on multiple platforms of a tree house: Japanese tea, Boba Tea, Chai, Rooibus herbal mix

Thursday, May 7, 2015


This was magical nautical adventure to an mystical un-inhabited island, Each guest brought food & landed on the Chronos Island beach at high tide. A strange cult greeted them to a land of sundials, treats, elixirs, and herbal mixes. While guests waited until tides subsided, they searched for buried treasures, and were offered potions. Adventurists led groups to the gateway where the gatekeeper, a mystical sailor warned them of what was ahead. From the gateway, Guests passed an opera singer, then entered the miner's cave, where a solo miner was still mining for manganese rock. Hacking away with his pick axe, he sung a folk song about the stolen manganese, while musicians played the Chronos Shanty theme Song inside the cave. Guests then ate from a dynamite box filled with edible manganese rocks. Guests continued across the coast & discovered a man serving shrubs, a 1800's herbal drink, and a soldier who still believed he was fighting in WW1 in 1915. Next up was the futurist who offered guests spirulina balls, an algae based food available when the entire earth had been submerged in water. The Futurist warned (people of the present) to watch out for over-consumption of manganese. Then guests circled around the island to discover clansman leader, Selim Woodsworth (resident of the island in 1850s), a man completely outside of time. He congratulated guests, had them launch their bottles (with newly written messages for the future) out to sea, and told them to combine their foods together for a grand picnic/potluck. Climbing to the island pinnacle was only for the brave, experienced climbers, whose ascent was gifted with a grandious view of the great sea. Finally we all gathered on the beach as one large colony, watching the sun recede into the horizon. As the cool wind rushed across the waves, we knew it was time we must return back to our boats, to the land we came from.

Chronos Island: population:133, on May 3rd 2015.

Photographs by: Karsten, Anna Vignet, Scott Fin

People involved:

Captains: Yaniv, Aaron TH, Shanee, Benja, Tyler, Peter.

Collaborators: Kim Upstill, Nicky Dyal, Kimon, Dr. Friendly, Danger Charles, Alex Kryzanowski, Charles Darius, Phil Chart, Joseph Hren, Lauren Macdonald, Julie Crossman, Karsten, Arthur K. Alisa Healy, Deric Licko, MJ lee, Albert Alexander, Oliver Mains, Richie Rhombus, Noah Quellic, Alex Miner, Gordon Kirkwood, Paul, Marisa Lenhardt, Michael Dooley, Andrea Passwater, Daniel Stadulis, J.P Bulow, Ajavision

Wednesday, March 4, 2015



The Story:

Enter> Vagabond Prophecy: At the End of alley, guests confront a man, covered in trash & discarded bibles. He is awoken, moves slowly, disoriented, then starts spreading peanut butter on pages of the Bible and Torah. He then eats the pages. Like many people, he came to this city with hopes and visions only to be dried out in a place that could no longer fulfil his beliefs.

The Vagabond's speech: “In our city, religion is dying. Our churches are going abandoned and being bought out by tech companies. But our belief still lingers like ghosts in these buildings, without anything to latch onto, nothing to replace the gods that were taken away from our spaces. We need something more nourishing. We need food! (He grabs his absurd looking antennae receiver) “With this horizon receiver, we'll be able to find the food to replenish our souls! Follow me.”

Guests Follow vagabond to the Cloud Catcher.

The Priest: The priest guides people loosely through space, past the broken musicians playing ominous sounds on broken instruments, and into the confession booth to receive their utensils.

Confession women: A woman has hijacked the confession booth, encouraging people to sin more, and take more daring attempts against their fears, to strive for passion, immediate desires and spontaneity. She gives each guest provocative advice before handing them cloth wrapped utensils, and tells them to move towards their first seduction.

First Seduction: On the Balcony, appetizers are served in the shape of a mandala matching the aesthetic of the stained-glass details. Drinking chocolate is served in a ceramic cup that guests must share with someone else.

The Tower man The main dinner is served in the first three levels of the tower, a dish per floor, to spread out the guests. The Tower Ascender guides people through different floors of the tower, explains the different levels, the dishes and serves the food.

Night Falls.

Final Seduction: Dessert: We all descend into the beautifully lit grand cathedral space and are served dessert on the alter.


Dishes: Appetizers: Injera bread with fruit & hummus, Spicy Chocolate Drink.

Dinner: Harira Morocco Lamb stew, Quinoa Tabbouleh, Hearty Yams and mushroom rice. Eggplant ratatouille.

Dessert: Chocolate cake with kiwi sauce.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Subterranean Rendevous

A secret dinner in an underground tunnel. Ten participants split into two groups of five. One group enters the tunnel by canoe on the Oakland coast. The other group hikes into the tunnel via a creek bed in a residential neighborhood. Roles are given: Illuminator, Evidence Collector, Echo Architect, Scripter, or Humorist. Dishes designed based on role. Each of you will carry half of the dish, meet at the middle of the tunnel, the dishes will be assembled and consumed by lamplight. The groups then separate and continue on, exiting the tunnel out the opposite side they came in.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sea-Side Scramble

Everyone brings ingredients starting with the letters of their names, Then we all join ingredients together and make a meal.